Using Keywords Effectively in SEO Articles

Using Keywords Effectively in SEO Articles

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Many people that are new to search engine optimization (SEO) often ask what is an SEO article example. When you learn about SEO, it’s usually because you have seen an example of how it is done, right? What you may not know is that when writing articles, there are many different types of examples you can use. Here are just a few examples that you might find useful.


An SEO article writing tip is to use a keyword suggestion tool like the one found at the end of this article. The keywords example tool will give you a list of all of the main keywords associated with your topic. From this list, you can select only the ones that you think will be most effective for your particular piece. For instance, if you are writing an article about pet care, you would select “pet care,” “pet grooming,” and “pet dog grooming.”


Another type of example would be an article about hiking. Imagine that this article was written to explain why it might be a good idea for you to invest in hiking boots. If you had listed every popular hiking boot brand, there would be a lot of information to go through. However, with the keywords example tool, you simply choose one such boot, click on it, and read the article. Your article now becomes a keyword suggestion tool!


Perhaps the most common example used by SEO writers is the keyword phrase “keyword stuffing.” Basically, keyword stuffing means filling a single line of text with keywords. This can be done in many ways. One way is to fill the entire article with words that have little or no competition. For instance, if you wrote an article about a mattress, then it would be completely ineffective to include the words “bed” and “best.” However, if you wrote the article as if these two words were the only ones necessary, it might be effective.


A related keyword usage example would be this: “snowboarding goggle.” Here, the word “goggle” has no competitors in the body of the text. However, the actual phrase, “snowboarding goggles” does have some competition, especially in the phrase “snowboarding.” By using the word “snowboarding goggles” a little more creatively, your article could attract some search engine attention. Of course, you do need to be careful with how much you say in your title. The phrase should really be limited to the title.


In addition to writing SEO-friendly articles, another great way to increase the popularity of your website is by using keywords. So how do you learn all of this? You can read articles like this one, and you can also watch informational videos about the keyword usage. By using keywords effectively in your content, you will not only draw search engine attention but will also increase your traffic volume.

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