SEO Article Length – Myth or Long-Term Benefits?

SEO Article Length – Myth or Long-Term Benefits?

SEO article length is an important factor to consider when writing your content. It plays a large factor in determining where your articles will end up in search engines such as Google. A one-page article or a simple, direct-to-the-point article with no long-winded descriptions and nothing more then a couple of links to your site may be enough to get your content to the first page of search engines. However, a two-page article that introduces your company provides benefits and uses long paragraphs and dense keywords that will significantly increase your rankings.

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There is a common misunderstanding among webmasters and SEO experts that article length has no bearing on your results. This is far from the truth. Longer is not necessarily better when it comes to SEO. In fact, the opposite is true. Obviously, the longer the article, the better it will be for you, but how much impact does it have?


When it comes down to it, search engine optimization is all about relevancy. If your article is not relevant, it will have very little impact on search engine rankings. Search engines are designed to find content that is both relevant to what users are searching for and unique. The best way to achieve this is by providing quality, fresh content and providing a well-thought-out analysis of current market trends. If you do not do either of these things, then chances are, your site is not going to make it very far in most search engine searches.


The problem is that most people simply assume that article length does not matter. They then go out and write articles of outrageous length in order to get them published in article directories. What they fail to realize, however, is that search engines can penalize these types of sites. A two-page article that provides real information provides benefits to the reader, and ends with a keyword-rich closing tag will have a much higher chance of making it through the search engines unscathed.


This leads to another common myth: that article length has no relevance with the amount of traffic that can be generated. Simply put, search engine robots and readers alike do not want to read articles that are simply copies of other articles. If a writer tries to pass off his or her work as original, the search engine will reject it out of hand. This is why, when it comes to SEO, article length should never be more than about one page long.


In the end, it’s all a matter of understanding how the search engines operate. You must realize that their primary function is to scan content and return results based on its relevance. The goal of any article is to accomplish just that, and an excessively lengthy article with poor content is likely to meet with a quick demise at the hands of a search engine. Keep content short, relevant, and rich in keywords and you will achieve higher SEO rankings.

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