Blogger AdSense Secret Revealed – How to Get Approved Fast For AdSense by the Blogger AdSense Team

Blogger AdSense Secret Revealed – How to Get Approved Fast For AdSense by the Blogger AdSense Team

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Blogger AdSense program allows you to place Google ads on your blog and it has a simple interface that is very easy to use. In order to start earning with this program, you only need a few things. The first condition stated above is you must have a website or blog with at least 15-20 posts. Secondly, you also need to be above eighteen years of age. If you are above eighteen years, you can run the program even if you are working.


Before you start the AdSense program, make sure you are in a personal website or blog as not all websites and blogs are approved for Adsense program. So before you get started, find out from your web hosting company whether they are approving to place ads on your site. You can check with your web host provider or you can do some research on the internet. Make sure you only get approved for AdSense on a personal website or blog.


Next, log in to your AdSense account and then sign up for an account. It is important for you to create an account that is not linked to any other domain. This is to avoid getting your ads banned which will cost you money. Once you are signed up with an account, it is time to register your website or blog. Once you have registered your website or blog, you will get a confirmation email from your web host provider which will contain the approval of your Adsense account.


Now you can write and post quality content to your site and blog. Make sure you follow all the rules of the AdSense program by writing relevant and helpful content. Also, when you have posts or pages of good content, it will help you get ads approval faster. This is because Google and other Google web crawlers index your site or blog to be able to display relevant ads.


One more way to get blogger ads approval faster is to add the URL of your website or blog in your signature file. The more information you put in your signature file, the more relevant the ads will be. You can also put the code that enables you to track clicks and impressions. Google uses this information to make changes to their algorithm for determining where they put ads on a page. That is another reason why Google gives bloggers more priority for Adsense approval.


As conclusion, it is not impossible to earn money through Google’s AdSense program using quality articles and blogs. With enough patience and hard work, I am sure that you too can join the ranks of AdSense-approved publishers. If you want to get Google Adsense approval fast, then you need to update and write quality articles regularly and focus on providing quality content. Your blog or website must also be related to your niche. Now that you know how to get blogger AdSense approval, go write some unique and quality articles!

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