A Blogger a Day – Why Do They Think It’s a Good Idea?

A Blogger a Day – Why Do They Think It’s a Good Idea?

Blogger Azam Khan is probably best known for his blog, A Zakari’s Blog. But, Azaem is much more than a blogger. He is an internet marketer and online personality. This entrepreneur started his online venture when he was just a student. His passion for blogging caught the attention of the then-owner of one of the most popular blog submission sites, iSnare.


In 2021, he launched his own website and trademarked the name, Blogger. He has since gone on to become a well-known online personality. Most people would easily associate him with online publishing and business. But, why a business enthusiast?


Blogger Azeem started his business in 2021. What was his motivation? Why now? According to him, it is because he wanted to bring back the “fun” and “fresh” feeling in using the blogging medium. Azeem claims that it is not a good thing that blogging is losing its appeal to bloggers, most of whom are using the Internet to simply relax and entertain themselves.


The site that he owns, Azeem Blog, offers its readers and visitors a service that can be considered a social networking site. That is, the site allows its users to share and network with others through blogs. The more popular a blogger is, the easier it is for other bloggers to locate his blog, and vice versa.


This social aspect of the site is something that Azeem envisions all of the major blogging sites someday having. As a matter of fact, he has already taken steps to make this possible. In order to attract more readers, the site is set up to feature guest posts by well-known bloggers who share their expertise. Azeem also hopes that with more writers sharing their thoughts on the site, the level of interaction will increase between readers and bloggers. And that is exactly what he aims for all of his customers, people who run online businesses: to increase their level of interaction and productivity.


Because of the success of Azeem Khan and his site, other blogger have taken notice. Many of them have come to appreciate the value of having an actual human being behind the blog. The site’s owner tells Business Insider that he believes it has helped his own business, because many of his readers are either repeat visitors or they are looking for information about Azeem’s products. Therefore, a blogger can build a better following because of their ability to connect with people and because their words have an effect on them. This is a crucial part of the Internet marketing game.


So why does he think blogging is here to stay? Because, according to Azeem Khan, it has helped his business tremendously. He tells us that the traffic that his blog is receiving is so good that he can no longer do live seminars or video tutorials. His customers keep coming back, and he has managed to turn a profit even while on vacation. This is one reason why many Internet marketers are now seeking out bloggers who have the same values as they do.


Another reason why Azeem Khan believes that blogging is a good idea for the Internet user is that he wants to be in control of what his site looks like. The United Kingdom has a law that says anyone who owns a site can have a legal trademark. This means that Azeem has the right to call his site anything that he wants and that he can sue anybody who uses a similar name. For instance, if somebody else publishes a blog about educational issues, Azeem can take his case to court and demand that the blog be taken down. This type of leverage is something that many entrepreneurs need in today’s market.

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